Ancient Culture Street

Ancient Culture Street is a reconstruction of Tianjin's ancient buildings and now houses vendors selling goods from all over China from their individual stalls.

Monastery of Deep Compassion

The Monastery of Deep Compassion is Tianjin's most important Buddhist Temple. The streets surrounding the temple are filled with Buddhist souvenirs and paraphernalia.

Port Architecture

The central areas of Tianjin resemble the Europe of the 1920's with churches, banks and buildings having been designed in the European style.

Shi Family Courtyard

The Shi family was one of the eight most famous and powerful families in Tianjin in the late Qing Dynasty. During the reign of Emperor Jia Qing, the Shi family owned thousands of hectares of land and 500 houses, this being one of them.

Zhou Enlai Memorial Hall

Zhou Enlai was a former premier of China who went to school in Tianjin. The Memorial Hall celebrates this fact and is popular with the locals.