Dalian, Liaoning Province, in north-eastern China is located on the southernmost tip of the Liaodong Peninsula where the Bohai and Yellow seas meet. The city is one of China’s most important transportation hubs connecting China with Asia and the rest of the world. The city’s harbour is world famous for its natural aspects and ocean-going freighters link the peninsula with some 160 countries.

This industrial city is well developed commercially and financially and handles grain, vegetables and fruits together with fish, prawns, abalone, sea cucumber and other aquatic plants. Dalian is a major holiday resort and tourist city with world class hot springs, trade fair facilities, golf facilities, International marathon, and numerous festivals each year.

Major attractions and locations include Jinshi Beach, Marine World, Forest Zoo, People’s Square, Lushu Museum, Friendship Square and Labor Park.

Bingyu Valley

Bingyu Valley is a nature reserve that is filled with lakes, rivers and mountain streams. In winter the area is a wonderland with snow capped mountains and glacial lakes.

Bingyu Valley

Dalian Museum - 大連博物館

Dalian is a city undergoing significant development and the museum not only offers an insight into the city’s past but the direction that the city is moving in. Large scale modern developments highlight the impressive growth that the city has undertaken.

Dalian Museum

Friendship Square - 友誼廣場

A huge traffic Island, Friendship square lights up at night and looks like a giant Disco ball.

Friendship Square

Zhongshan Square - 中山廣場

With buildings dating back to the turn of the 20th Century, Zhongshan Square is an ideal place to view local Dalian life. Originally the colonial residential area of the Russians the square was previously called Nicholas Square.