Stone Forest

The most popular attraction in Kunming lies 120kms to the city's South-East. The Stone Forest is a massive collection of grey limestone pillars that have been eroded by wind and rain, over the millennia. With the tallest pillars reaching over 30m, this is a unique example of the power of Mother Nature.

Tang Dysnasty Pagodas

Located 500m apart, sit two Tang Dynasty Pagodas called West Pagoda and East Pagoda. West Pagoda is the more interesting complex as locals gather in its compound to play mahjong and chat.

unnan Provincial Museum

The Yunnan Provincial Museum houses a vast array of Buddhist art, bronze artifacts and relics of ethnic minorities.

World Horticultural Expo Gardens

Built in 1999 for the World Horticultural Expo, the gardens are fascinating for their topiary and expo exhibits.