Black Dragon Pool Park

Located just to the north of Lijiang, Black Dragon Pool is a famous pond located in the scenic Jade Spring Park. It was built in 1737 during the Qing Dynasty and offers a spectacular view on the region's tallest mountain, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, over its white marble bridge. The park also features several smaller temples and pavilions.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Also known as Yulong Snow Mountain, this area just outside of Lijiang is home to picturesque rivers, ethnic minority villages, pagodas and magnificent mountain ranges.

Lijiang Old Town

With a stunning mountain backdrop, the UNESCO World Heritage city of Lijiang is home to wooden houses, narrow alley-ways and canals. Visit the old part of Lijiang, Dayan, and watch the local Naxi minority tribe congregate to play cards or explore the small workshops of the traditional craftsmen.

Mu Family Mansion

The Mu Family Mansion is the former abode of a Naxi Chief and has beautiful gardens that are popular to wander around.

Museum of Naxi Culture

The Museum of Naxi Culture highlights the benefits that the Naxi people have brought to the Lijiang area. The traditional Naxi religion combined elements of Buddhism, Taoism and Islam.