Hanging Monastery

The Hanging Monastery is so named as its creators built the monastery into the side of a cliff. Located 60kms from Datong, the 1500 year old monastery has been continually raised to avoid flooding from the riverbed below. It now sits over 50m above the ground.

Mu Ta

Arguably, the world's oldest wooden buildings, the Mu Ta was built 900 years ago. Like the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, there were no nails used in the construction of this 70m high building. It is reported to have survived over 5 earthquakes throughout the centuries.

Nine Dragon Screen

The Nine Dragon Screen is an example of a spirit wall which stops evil spirits form entering a building. This particular screen protected an ancient Ming Dynasty Palace and is an impressive 50m long and 10m high.

Shanhua Temple and Huayan Temple

Both Shanhua Temple and Huayan Temple offers visitors the chance to experience ancient Buddhist temples. Both are over 900 years old and contain numerous statues of Buddha.

Yungang Caves

Carved over 1500 years ago, the Yungang Caves are the earliest examples of Buddhist art in China. At its peak there were 50,000 statues in over 250 caves. Nowadays, 20 grottoes are accessible. The stone carvings are highly detailed and seem almost life-like.