Heng Shan

Also known as Nanyue, meaning Southern Peak, Heng Shan, as its alternative name suggests, is the southernmost of China’s five Taoist mountains. At 1300m high, the emperors of China used to come here to hunt and to pray for good harvests.

Maoist Pilgrimage Areas

As the birthplace of Mao’s conversion to communism, there are numerous reminders of Chairman Mao in the city of Changsha, including the 30 year old statue of Mao outside the Changsha Museum, Mao’s living quarters at the Hunan CPC Committee and Hunan No.1 Teacher’s Training School, where Mao was a school teacher.


Located 100kms north of Changsha, Yueyang sits beside Dongting Lake, which flows into the Yangtze River. The main attractions of Yueyang include the Yueyang Tower, the Confucian Temple and the Cishi Pagoda.
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