Anhui Provincial Museum

Anhui Provincial Museum is a fascinating museum full of bronze statues and Han Dynasty tomb rubbings. It also exhibits some ancient examples of the wooden architectural style commonly found in the surrounding area.

Baohe Park

The most famous park in Hefei, Baohe Park circles the old city walls of Hefei. Inside the park is an attractive lake, arched bridges, a memorial temple and Lord Bao’s Tomb.

Lord Bao’s Tomb

Located in Baohe Park, Lord Bao’s Tomb is named after a famous official who lived during the Song Dynasty. He was a judge and had the final say in all important rulings. His name now stands for incorruptibility and rectitude.

Mingjiao Temple

Built in the Tang Dynasty, over a thousand years ago, the Mingjiao Temple houses over thirty Buddhist statues and is still used today by the local Buddhist residents
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