Jinghong is the capital of Xishuangbanna but it feels more like a village in comparison to the majority of Chinese provincial capitals.


Menghan, or Ganlanba, is a delightful little town with a Dai Minority Park, where travellers can spend the night in a villager's house.


Located 30kms from Jinghong, Mengyang's main attraction is a, got to see it to believe it, elephant-shaped Banyan Tree.

Sanchahe Nature Preserve

Sanchahe Nature Preserve area is famous for its unique tropical virgin forest landscape and the large herds of wild Asia elephants.

The Dai People

The Dai Minority Tribe number over 250,000 which make up around a third of the population of the Xishuangbanna prefecture. They are Hinayana Buddhists who are believed to have settled in this region for over 1000 years.
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