Daming Temple

Daming Temple is situated in the northwest of Yangzhou and was the place where Jianzhen, an accomplished monk in the Tang Dynasty, performed Buddhist rites. In 1983, it was designated as one of the key temples for the Han Nationality.

Ge & He Garden

Ge & He Garden are both fine examples of classical Chinese gardens with water, rocks, plants and pavilions. Ge Garden is located in the east of the city, whereas He Garden is in the south.

Slender West Lake Park

Slender West Lake Park is located north-west of the city centre and is famous for being the holiday spot of Emperor Qianlong, 200 years ago. Likened to West Lake in Hangzhou, the park includes Slender West Lake, as well as numerous pavilions and bridges.

Tomb of Puhading

Reputed to be descended from the Prophet, Pudahing, a Muslim preacher, came to China 800 years ago to spread the Muslim faith. He died in Yangzhou and his tomb is now a popular place for Muslims and tourists alike.
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