Fujian Tulou, Yongding China--- A Living World Heritage 
Fujian Tulou is regarded as the oriental castle or family fortress made by Chinese Hakka clan people as their residential house, either rectangular or circular, constructed with very thick rammed earth walls, and can house up to 80 families. Fujian Tulou is mostly located in Yongding County, Fujian Province, Southeast part of China. In 2008, atotal of 46 Fujian Tulou sites were officially listed World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, whom described them as being "exceptional examples of a building tradition and function, exemplifying a particular type of communal living and defensive organization in a harmonious relationship with their environment".
Today, Fujian Tulou is a must-visit attraction along with The Great Wall in China. If you are there, you will be deeply impressed by its mysterious architecture, profound Hakka culture and amazing countryside scenery.

Chengqui Yu

One of the most impressive Hakka style sites with over 400 rooms, once home to more than 1000 inhabitants.

Kujui Lou

One of the earlier Hakka buildings (1834), Kujiu Lou is in the less common square style as opposed to the traditional round or circular style.

Rusheng Lou

The smallest of the Hakka style buildings with only one level and 16 rooms

Zhencheng Lou

One of the more traditional Hakka style buildings with an impressive 220 rooms dating back to around 1910.
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